April Mason is an Author, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Molestation Awareness Activist, Lifestyle and Business Transformational Coach.  Her greatest aspiration is to not only motivate but to empower people with incredible knowledge to have it all, regardless of their circumstances. Her motto is “You may be broken but never bound”.  April’s caring, down-to-earth, fun, energetic and witty personality; coupled with her ability to help others achieve amazing results, is what makes her an effective leader and speaker. Her unshakeable, unwavering and rock solid faith has brought her from living in a shelter, overcoming years of molestation, rape, domestic violence, and low self-esteem to the woman she is today. What makes April unique? With all of the odds against her, she started her first business as a single mom of three, homeless and with $50 from a welfare check. . It was her determination to not live in poverty that made her make the choice to become the designer of her life. She is also the founder of What’s In Your Hand Academy. WIYHA, is designed to help others to identify and use their God-given unique gifts and abilities to change their life.

April is the author of:

  • Broken But Not Bound the Making of Me
  • Single No More, Position Yourself to Be Found
  • What’s In Your Hand? How to Turn What You Already Know into Wealth

Her message of the mighty power of faith, determination coupled with execution can turnaround any circumstance. This message of possibilities lifts, empowers and inspires the hearts of those in her audience to reach up and achieve the impossible!

Some of her most requested workshops and seminars include:

  • What’s In Your Hand? How to Turn What You Know into Wealth I’m An Asset: Women’s Empowerment Seminar Turn Your Pain Into Profit: How to Become a Paid Speaker and Host Your Own Events. Single No More: Position Yourself to Be Found Broken But Not Bound: Releasing Your Past and Embrace your Future

April is a California native who currently resides bi-coastal between California and Atlanta.