Wake Up with April Mason!

I am not here to motivate you with empty words and catchy phrases! I speak only from personal experience. I am a incest survivor. I had my first child at 18. I am 35 and my oldest child is 17. I’ve lived through divorce. I moved past welfare, stepped into Entrepreneurship and built a million dollar company. I know with God’s love we can accomplish all things. I did and you can too! I am April Mason. Just like in the A.M. — It’s a new day, a fresh start. Ladies, you may be broken but you are not bound. It’s time to wake up! Love ya! — A.M.


With God you can overcome obstacles, turnaround any circumstance and take control of your life. Transform your struggle into strength! We are where we are because we choose to be. The answer is in your hand! Wake up!

– April Mason

Affectionately referred to as, “A.M.” — April Mason lifts the hearts of those in her audiences to reach up and achieve the impossible! April is down-to-earth, passionate about helping others heal and achieve their goals. A.M. is a powerful, dynamic and fun speaker! Less we not forget, April Mason is sassy but always speaks the truth!

It’s a New Day. . . Wake Up!

My greatest aspiration is to not only motivate, but empower people with incredible knowledge that will allow them to live a prosperous life despite their current circumstance. It’s time to release the past and embrace your future!

– April Mason

April Mason has empowered, encouraged and equipped tens of thousands of people throughout the country, helping them find the courage, clarity and tools to make the choice to change their lives.


From Welfare to Wonderful! April started her first business as a single mom, with three children and $50 from a welfare check. Knowledge of God’s promises, determination to free herself and family from a life of bondage and poverty April made a choice to want more for herself and family. April turned $50 into $275 in one day — She soon moved to Atlanta, Georgia and opened a Gift Basket Shoppe. Through her business experiences, she developed an incredible working knowledge of credit markets. In true A.M. fashion she began to share her new knowledge with colleagues and another business was born. April Mason authored a book and traveled the country teaching business owners how to navigate the commercial credit industry to transform their entrepreneurial visions into tangible businesses.

Recently April launched the, Single No More Project™. After a lifetime growing up in church and professional experience as a Pastor, April discovered some startling truths that aligned with her experience in church – nearly half of African American women in church will never get married! After spending time reading the book of Ruth with new eyes, April realized that Boaz didn’t just happen to find Ruth, but Ruth made a conscious decision on her own – to position herself to be found by Boaz! After Ruth took it upon herself to position herself, Naomi (Ruth’s mother in law) strategically showed her how to hook, line and reel Boaz in!! strategically

Instantly, April knew this was a missing key factor that had not been taught and she had to share this knowledge with women around the country. God intended for us to be married; however, she understood that women’s mind-set across the nation needed some adjustment. April knew that it was imperative that women understood that in addition to the “he who finds a wife” women had a part to play in the “she who positions herself to be found”. Sense the Single No More™ Project’s inception; it is already receiving incredible acclaim from the press, celebrities and women who are now getting results without settling!

The Single No More Project™ is

  • Biblically based.
  • Fun, engaging, and innovative!
  • A life-changing experience — encouraging singles singles to understand their value, release the past, think creatively.
  • An educational seminar providing singles with skills to take initiative and becoming confident about their future.

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  • Professional Lifestyle & Business Coach || 10+ years Experience
  • Licensed & Ordained Minister || 6 years
  • Non Profit Founder || The Broken But Not Bound Movement — Breaking the cycle of abuse, molestation and incest. Empowering, encouraging and equipping the survivors to release their past and embrace the future.
  • Author || 5+ titles published to date! Titles include:

Broken But Not Bound — The Making of Me

Business Credit Secrets Exposed!

Cash In With Gift Baskets: How to Start a Profitable Gift Basket Business

Business Credit Secrets Exposed: How to Establish Credit for Your Business WITHOUT Using Personal Credit

Ministry Financing Secrets Exposed, How to Finance Your Ministry WITHOUT using the Personal Credit

What’s In Your Hand?: How to Turn Your God Given Abilities Into Wealth

God’s Way To Forgiveness: 5 Keys to Forgiveness After Molestation

  • Keynote Speaker || Corporate Retreats, Women’s Organizations, Schools, Churches, Community Events
  • Small Group Seminar Leader || 10+ years

April’s messages are firmly rooted in her faith and knowledge  that — with God people can achieve the impossible, no matter the obstacle! A.M.’s unshakeable, unwavering and rock solid faith has brought her from living in a shelter, overcoming years of molestation, rape, domestic violence and low self esteem to the woman she is today. April Mason is on a relentless mission to not only tell people they can take control of their lives and choose to make their dreams a reality — April is here to demonstrate, through her life experiences that we can all  transform our struggles into strength!

April has has traveled through unbelievable hardships, only to emerge evermore confident in her God to keep His Word. A.M.’s  message of the mighty power of God to turnaround any circumstance in our lives, lifts the hearts of those in her audiences to reach up and achieve the impossible!

  • Information Product Development || Book Publishing, E-Book Publishing, Branded DVD & CD Production, Seminar Series Development
  • Social Media Marketing || Customized social media strategies that allow you to share your message and business with the world. Simply search “April Mason” — what you see speaks for itself!
  • Business Coaching || Through A.M.’s coaching program she will take what is in your head and transform it into viable and lucrative profit generating business products.
  • Speaker || Book April as a Keynote Speaker or Small Group Leader — “Dynamic!” “Powerful!” “April has the remarkable ability to reach the hearts of people and get to see themselves in a new way!”