April Mason is an Author, Entrepreneur, International Speaker and the founder of the; I’m An Asset Asset Movement for Women. With her down to earth, sassy and witty personality, she is vastly becoming the “go to girl” for all things feminine. She has helped thousands of women around the world achieve wealth, emotional renewal, and spiritual transformation. After going through her journey of self-discovery, she is compelled to share with other women the importance of embracing femininity and living an authentic life. No more mask, no pretending, no more feeling like you’re not enough, and no more being societies definition of a strong woman.

April is an overcomer of 12 years of molestation, rape, domestic violence, divorce, and homelessness. With all of the odds stacked against her, she found the courage to take a leap of faith and started her first business (gift baskets) as a single mom of three, homeless with $50 from a welfare check. It was the knowledge of God’s promises coupled with the determination to free herself and family from a life of bondage, and poverty. In one day and with four gift baskets sales, she made $275. At that point, she was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and have been a full-time entrepreneur since 2003.

Although she is a woman about business, April is a firm believer in living a balanced life. She understands that to be successful in business your home, family and personal life must be in order as well.

She has authored five books including ‘Broken But Not Bound the Making of Me, and her 2016 audiobook release of ‘Are You An Asset? 10 Keys to Being A Woman Who Brings More to the Table Than Her Appetite.” She is the founder of the ‘The Feminine CEO’ and ‘The School of Womanhood Femininity. She has dedicated her life to providing women with the tools needed to succeed in their faith, family, finances, and femininity.

Her message of the mighty power of faith, determination coupled with execution can turnaround any circumstance. This message of possibilities lifts, empowers and inspires the hearts of those in her audience to reach up and achieve the impossible!

She is a California native who currently resides bi-coastal between California and Atlanta.