• Do you feel like something is missing in your life?


  • Is there still an empty place inside even though you’ve accomplished your educational goal, have your ideal career, acquired material things, are a part of social organizations, attend church and give back to your community?


  • Do you find yourself trying to keep up with societies standard of what a woman is and should be?


  • Have you said in a sigh of frustration, “what’s wrong with me?”


  • Do you find yourself feeling lonely most of the time?

Hello, my name is April Mason and I’m an author, speaker, entrepreneur and most of all I am a woman. If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I to found myself in the same place as you. I had accomplished so many amazing things, graced stages all across the country, wrote books, made a good living for myself and my children, worked hard and became the strong woman that I was trained to be. However, something happened. Something on the inside of me clicked one day. An awareness like no other came over me. Let me explain.

I went through an awful breakup. That breakup opened up a part of me that I never knew existed. I found out that it was was the core of who I am; my femininity, my womanhood. You see, even though the relationship ended on a bad note, it was the very thing I needed to realize that this part of me had been lying dormant. Sometimes what we think is the worst thing that could have ever happened to us, is the best thing that could have ever happened. During my time of isolation, I went through a total transformation. I started feeling things I had never felt before. I felt a sudden calmness and a desire to be at one with nature.

Through this process, I uncovered some amazing gems. One thing I learned that was so fascinating to me was, discovering the “TYPE” of woman that I am. I began to realize that all of the hustle, grind and go, go go routine I did for years was all I knew how to do in order to feed my family. Opportunities poured in so I ran with them. However,  I never set out for the world’s definition of success. I never asked to be booked for events, I never sent out press kits, I never made phone calls pitching myself. People sought after me, and I was blessed with many opportunities. Writing books, traveling all over the world speaking, conferences, from airport to airport  was never my goal. I’m really a homebody.

As I uncovered more and more nuggets about who I am, I had to sit back and ask myself “April, what do you really want? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy? Having that Me Time was a tad difficult because I was programmed to be a certain way. Long story short, I realized that I am, and I enjoy being a domesticated woman. I love to take care of the home and those in it. One thing I noticed about my past relationships is, I enjoyed working with my mate. I enjoyed putting my energy into building our empire over mine alone. I also loved putting my time into building his platform. Some may say “what about you and your dreams?” I say, this is why it’s important to understand how you are wired.

Some woman are called to a be a wife, mother, and a support system, and they enjoy every moment of it.  There are several types of women; I am what you call the ‘Builder’ type. My joy and happiness come from building up my family and others. This doesn’t take anything away from me; I’ve done more at the age of 40 than most will do in a lifetime…I’M GOOD! Also, at any given time, if I choose to get back out there I can. I’ve just learned how to balance it all.

During my time of discovery, I found myself being drawn to gardening, wanting to do arts, crafts, and DIY projects around my home, learning how to sew, and letting the burdens on my shoulders drop to the floor. No more worrying about my image and the opinions of others. I felt liberated. I started to walk slower, heck, what was I in such a hurry for in the first place? I learned how to say NO and make no apologies for it. In essence, I learned how to put myself first. It was like the hand of God was molding me into the woman that I was always created to be. I know longer felt the need to be strong and carry it all, even though I’m a single parent. I started to let the men in my life be men.This even goes for the bagger working at the grocery store. When he asked, “do you need help to your car ma’am?” I started to say YES! You already know as women our typical first response is “I GOT IT!” Well, I didn’t want to have it anymore. When a man would ask if he could pump my gas, I learned to say yes. I didn’t care if it was a homeless man on the street trying to make a buck. I still allowed him to do it in order help me re-wire the years of society pushing the BE STRONG, YOU GO GIRL, YOU CAN DO IT BY YOURSELF GIRL, YOU DON’T NEED A MAN GIRL mentality.

I learned that just because you can do it alone or have been put in a position to do it alone, doesn’t mean that is how it was designed to be. You can’t even conceive a baby without having a man. Now, I know some of you reading will say “what if I don’t want a man?” That is fine too; my message isn’t for you. However, I have to ask you this. If Mr. Right came along at this very moment, would you turn him away? Considering you said, you don’t want or need a man and all. If your answer is YES, you will turn him away then I accept it. However, if your answer is “Well if the RIGHT man came along, heck no I wouldn’t turn him away”. That means your statement is a defense mechanism. I know, I’ve been there and done that. It comes from past negative experiences and being afraid to believe that there is someone great out there designed for you. It’s kind of like trying to keep hope alive and have no expectation at the same time. Now you and I both know that doesn’t work. You can’t want and be afraid of the very thing you desire.

Most women today are struggling with what it means to embrace their womanhood and femininity

Especially when being a strong, independent and manless woman is being fed to us everywhere we turn. We have been forced to suppress our true strength which is our femininity, and encouraged to walk in masculinity. Also, single women around the world are screaming “I can’t find a man on my level.’ Not realizing, you can’t use masculine energy to capture the heart of a masculine man.  Men are drawn to femininity.

After going down the path of self-discovery, my results were beyond incredible. I saw the world and my place in it differently. Years of weight and unresolved grief dropped off of my shoulders. I started to attract the very things that I wanted in my life. This includes the type of men who approach me. This journey has been so life changing; I want to share the steps I took to get here with you.



Because I have such a strong desire to help women experience the same freedom I have, I have created The Power of Femininity 4 Module Course. I will guide you into re-connecting with your God given power called womanhood and feminine. You’ll uncover your passion, become free of the opinion of others, gain clarity, self-esteem, confidence and embrace your inner and outer beauty. At the completion of this day, you’ll have the confidence, inspiration, motivation and understanding that you can create the life you want. As well as embracing and loving the skin you’re in.


DISCLAIMER: This opportunity is not for you if you aren’t ready to do the work, go deep and commit to your growth.



Together, throughout this course, we will be breaking down the barriers that have been keeping you paralyzed from the life you desire. As well as, we will customize a lifestyle plan together. We focus on embracing your femininity, cleaning out the clutter within, changing the mental conversations that you’ve been having with yourself, how to identify who you are at your core, how to love the skin you’re in, forgiveness and much more.  Did I mention that I that there will be several surprise activities? GET READY! Don’t get scared now, it’s your time if you choose to make it your time! You will return home with the tools you need to be the woman you were designed to be, and attract your hearts desires.






    The investment for this course is $97 for a LIMITED TIME!