Why hello there!


My name is April Mason and I am a Life Redesign and Business Strategist. Before we go any further, let’s make sure you’re in the right place.


Does this sound like you?


I’m tired of going through the same yearly cycles of financial lack, loneliness, frustration, feeling unfulfilled, lost, unwanted and not enough.


I’m tired of taking what I’m given, or what “they say” I merely qualify for.


Everyday, I live my life like I’m a robot with the same daily routine. I constantly think to myself, “there has to be more to life than this.”


I feel like a hamster going around in circles day after day, month after month and year after year, and accomplishing nothing.

Well, I totally understand your frustration.

Not long ago I was on welfare, homeless, living in a shelter, divorced, unhappy and just stuck. It wasn’t until I realized that my life was a direct result of my choices, how I viewed myself and my belief system. I was raised to believe that life was about going to school, getting a good job, paying off your student loans, buying a house and retiring after working 40 years for someone else.

If I were lucky, I would find love and live happily every after. If not, I’d be a single parent who enjoyed bingo, late night TV, replacing my desire to have a purposeful and meaningful romantic relationship with a pet.

As you can guess, I ended up being a single mom of three with a hamster.

I could feel a tug in my heart and spirit daily saying “you were created for more than this. However, I just didn’t know how to change my reality. I had no clue of where to start.

So one day, I decided to get up enough courage to do something radical that went against everything I had been programmed to do. I was already at rock bottom, what more did I have to lose? Not only did I pray, but I took classes, read books, studied, aligned myself with people who were living a life that I desired, asked a lot of questions and tried things that others called me crazy for doing. I was determined to break the cycle and position myself for greatness. Was it scary and challenging? YES! But designing a new life for myself and my family was worth it to me.

Today, I am a happy empty- nester traveling the country and beyond. I’m having a blast living out my purpose and getting paid for it. I own a company that helps millions of people daily just like you to ReDesign their life and get clear about what they really want. I do this by providing the necessary tools coupled with a system that is actionable and attainable. Oh, and I enjoy a purpose driven dating life as well.

Because I have dedicated my life to helping others ReDesign their lives, I have some GREAT NEWS! I have a new proven step by step system called ReDesign Your Life – A 6 Week Course to Manifesting the Life You Desire, and I’m ecstatic to share it with you! I’m extending an invitation for you to participate and get intentional about ReDesigning your life. I have taken out all of the guesswork, so all you need to do is show up, bring your dedication and an open mind.

I’m not good about complaining about problems without providing a solution. I’ve been affectionately called “The Solutionist, and I can totally identify with where you are. Why? Because I’ve been there! No clarity, feeling alone, unwanted, tired of watching others soar, financial struggles, and just being in the same place of frustration.

There is nothing like living a life that YOU created, instead of what someone else gives you. When you realize that you only get ONE LIFE, you kill fear, stop doubting yourself and stop believing that the “good life” is for others.

I’m going to walk with you step by step the entire way. There are so many people that are waiting for YOU to get it together. They can’t start living their fullest potential because they need to be empowered by you. So please understand, ReDesigning your life isn’t just about you.

April, what’s the benefit in taking this course?


*Finally get intentional, focused and serious about how you want to live the one life you get


*Shave years off of trying to figure it out alone


*Guided coaching that’s proven to help you execute and hold you accountable


*A step by step blueprint and actionable plan


*Design the life you want quickly and efficiently.


This course is self-paced and delivered with a combination of videos, handouts, and audios. You’ll be able to log in at any time to complete the course.  


Module 1: ReDesign Your Mind 

  • How to identify how and why you are programmed the why that you are.

  • Why you believe what you believe.

  • What your limiting beliefs are.

  • Replacing negative habits that have been holding you back with positive habits.

  • How to overcome the fear of being great, successful and a failure

  • How to overcome fear of rejection and abandonment

  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown

Module 2: ReDesign Your Spirit

  • How to discover your true self

  • How to be led by your spirit

  • How to trust yourself

  • How to make wise decisions from your spirit

  • How to know if you’re operating from your spirit or fear

Module 3: Redesign Your Self Image

  • Discover why the way you view yourself is holding you captive

  • How to start loving yourself and radiating that to the world.

  • The BIGGEST mistake you’re making in how you view yourself and how to stop it

  • Identifying why you have confidence and self-esteem issues and how to change that

  • How to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Module 4: ReDesign What You Want 

  • How to design the life you want 

  • The income you need to live your Redesigned life

  • How to identify who you need to become to attract your desire.

  • How to be intentional about acquiring your wants and needs.

  • How to create a goal-oriented action plan.

  • How to identify the resources and relationships your need to create your new life

Module 5: ReDesign Your Environment 

  • We have a life filled with so many distractions and clutter. It can be hard to think, recognize or even draw what we want into our lives. This module will help you clean the clutter, get clarity and make room in your life for what you want. This is so important, and you’ll learn how to get rid of emotional, mental and physical clutter.

  • How the environment you create can shift your situation and attitude towards them

  • How to have control over your circumstances versus letting them control you.


Module 6: ReDesign Your Heart

  • There is love all around you, do you feel it? This module will guide you into opening your heart to love on multiple levels.

  • How to identify your hidden barrier to love.

  • Why happiness, gratefulness and appreciation draws love to you.

  • How to become the love you seek

  • How to identify healthy relationships

  • The first sign that you’re in a toxic relationship. This includes family, friends, and co-worker

The investment for this course is $367. This 6 module self paced course starts Sunday, February 12th! 




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2 Live Q&A


Private Facebook community to connect with other like minds who are on the same journey.

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