Testimonials: April Mason

“One of my most Awesome Friends…I have and continue to learn so much from you… Please continue to spread the Love that you are spreading. Peace.” Rodney Perry {Co-Host BET’s MoNique Show & Starring Actor, Madea’s Big Happy Family}

Testimonials: Single No More™

“Girl you are a bad girl if I must say so! You came out with that black dress on and those red heels commanding the room. Your confidence was amazing , your boldness was to be admired and your delivery was awesome. I love your humor and sassiness you are truly one of a kind and very humble. Thank you for being the voice for so many of us that have been raised in the church and haven’t been taught how to position ourselves to be found.” Tonya S.
“Single No More needs to be on every major network, every singles conference platform, every radio station in the world. Thank you for opening my eyes. And your Top 10 Unusual Places to meet men’s list as AWESOME!” Angela W.
“OMG Ms. April you are so the bomb! I attended your Single No More Experience in Atlanta and my life has changed. I view dating in a very different way now. I’m learning to take my emotions of my sleeve like you suggested. I just want to say thank you so much for your wisdom, I can’t wait for the next event!” Monica C
“I never associated my being molested as a possible reason why I continued to have failed relationships. After hearing your presentation I realize molestatin is the main reason why its hard for me to trust men. After hearing your story of how you were molested for 12 years and to see how beautiful and vibrant you are, I know that the same can happen for me. I desire a relationship and I believe Single No More put me on the right track to position myself to be found.” Dana R
“What can be said abour April Mason other than you are AWESOME! I’ve attended singles conference after singles conference and I’ve never heard many of the things you touched on. I’ve been divorced a year and was really in a bad state. I had lost my self esteem, but after attending and applying the techniques that you gave at the Single No More Experience, I’m well on my way to positioning myself to be found. Thank you for allow God to use you in such a profound way.” Janet W

Testimonials: Business Coaching

“In June of 2004 Truly Thoughtful Gift Baskets began as a simple thought. I knew nothing about the business and the more I began to learn my dreams grew bigger faster. I had no money, no inventory, and no way to market. In March of 2005, my financial situation became harsher, yet I continued to try and grow the business. By the following year, I had decided to give it up. I met the owner online just by asking a simple question. I was hesitant to give up my business and I needed help on how to keep it on track. In the short time she worked with me, TTGB was able to secure $20,000+ in credit. The AM Inc rep showed me how to organize TTGB and how to obtain financing. Now I am able to buy inventory and market effectively. I have had much success with April Mason Inc and I will continue working with them as we grow.” – S.L. Johnson, Owner, Truly Thoughtful Gift Baskets, LLC
“Over the years I’ve started numerous businesses and would consider myself a serial entrepreneur. And having started several businesses I know some of the difficulties that entrepreneurs may face when it comes to locating funds to launch or operate their business. Of the companies I own, one is a training and consulting firm that specializes in working with small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Since one of the reasons many business owners close their doors is due to lack of cash flow, my goal as a business consultant is to provide my clients with solutions that help provide them with the necessary funds to operate their business. After meeting April Mason and the team at April Mason Inc, I realized that for years I’d been doing things the hard way. After speaking with April Mason, she told me that there may be an easier way to help my clients get their business off the ground and keep their doors opened. I received my copy of April Mason’s “How to Build Business Credit Without Using Personal Credit” and after reading it I was able to open two business credit lines my very first day! And it was just like the title says I did so, “without using my personal credit”. This book is absolutely awesome and is a must have for all small business owners. The information that April provides can literally save your business! I highly recommend this book to my clients and would highly recommend it to you too!” Pam Lawhorne Chief Empowerment Officer Empower U, Incorporated