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So you want to know where the “good men” hang out, huh? I believe that women think there is a secret island where only good men reside. Well, I’m here to tell you that good men are everywhere. After being a dating coach for well over a decade, I find the issue is that most women do not know how to show up when they are in the presence of men. They have not learned how to be fun, flirty, sensual, relaxed, mysterious, and enjoy the moment.

For this reason, I decided to host the Exclusive Huddle Up with April Mason Experience. This fun and exciting weekend is limited to 17 women who are ready to get on the field. However, you must master the playbook first so you don’t fumble the ball.


    • Dating seems like a chore to you.
    • You’re afraid to open your heart to love.
    • You don’t know how to vet men properly.
    • You continue to get friend-zoned.
    • You need help identifying your love blocks.
    • You haven’t created a life that you love.
    • You struggle with showing up as your true feminine self.
    • You allow yourself to get emotionally attached too quickly.
    • You keep entertaining emotionally unavailable men.
    • You have not made room in your life to welcome a man.
    • You struggle with knowing that you are enough, desired, and wanted.
    • You are clueless about witty banter and how to flirt.
    • You’re tired of being the strong, independent, and dateless woman.
    • You’re ready to figure out why you constantly attract the same type of men.
    • You’ve focused more on learning how to be successful than being a wife.
    • You’re an accomplished woman who believes men are intimidated by your success.
    • You feel like all of the good men are taken.
    • You’re returning to dating after heartbreak, divorce, or death.

If you feel this way, this is for you! You’ve committed to taking care of everyone else’s needs and have neglected your own. You’ve been waiting on your Purpose Mate to appear magically, but you aren’t clear on who you are at your core. This means you aren’t clear on what you need and are just frustrated and ready to give up.

Don’t give up; help is here! If you are SERIOUS about attracting quality men, I invite you to join me for the Huddle Up with April Mason Experience.

You deserve to be happy, loved, and fulfilled. You ARE enough and worthy, and I’m going to show you how to embrace all of who you are. Apply to be a part of this experience today. Space is limited to 17 ladies.



Catered Lunch

A night out on the town hands-on training with April Mason

Sprinter Van Transportation

Teach Me How to Date 5-Day Boot Camp Replay


49er vs. Atlanta Falcons Tailgating

Ticket to the game

Luxury Suite Experience



PLEASE NOTE: There is a brief application to complete along with your registration before acceptance. Please click the link on the thank you page to complete the application. Your payment alone DOES NOT secure your seat. Our goal is to make sure this event is the right fit for you. If for any reason we decide this event is not the best use of your investment, we will explain why and fully refund your investment within 14 business days.




  • Flirting 101
  • How to be alluring
  • 20 ways to vet men correctly
  • Flirting the feminine way
  • How to identify your target
  • How to work the room
  • Why every man is your mirror
  • Determining what type of man you need
  • How to use your words to draw him closer
  • How to heal your relationship with men
  • How to be the main attraction
  • How to inspire a man to pursue you
  • How to have an engaging conversation
  • How to ask a question without interrogating
  • How to give fun, flirty, and intriguing responses
  • How to build sexual attraction without having sex
  • Why stepping outside the comfort zone is a must
  • Why men are not intimidated by your success
  • How to embody the Queen and Princess energy at the same time
  • Why using sex, intellect, or spirituality to connect with a man doesn’t work
  • How to use your femininity to build a deep connection