Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy Rules and Guidelines

  • Ms. Mason is not a licensed psychologist, therapist, or health care professional. The information provided in the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy does not replace the care of psychologists, therapists, or other healthcare professionals.

  • We take the privacy of our members seriously. Any information shared outside of the app is grounds for immediate termination. We reserve the right to take legal action if we determine cause.

  • I understand that payments are withdrawn every 30 days from the date I signed up from the credit or debit card on file. 

  • I understand that it is solely my responsibility to keep my email and card information up to date.

  • I understand that I must check all email folders for information from Kartra.com and aprilmason.com.

  • I understand that if I choose to cancel my membership, I will immediately be removed from the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy and the private group.

  • I understand that my access to TMHTD Community and the Kartra Platform will be revoked upon my first unsuccessful payment attempt. Once my payment has been successful, it is my responsibility to submit a support ticket requesting membership reinstatement.

  • I understand that my membership will be canceled upon my second unsuccessful payment attempt

  • I understand my name on my credit card must match the name I am registered under.

  • I understand that my membership can be canceled at any time if I fail to follow any rules and at the discretion of management.

  • Respect everyone's privacy. No screenshots or sharing outside the app.

  • Make sure that whatever you post is in alignment with the group that you are posting in. If not, your post will be removed.

  • I understand that I am not to share my access/ login information with anyone.

  • I understand that I must have a profile picture.

  • I understand that being a part of this academy requires mutual trust. All information shared in this community must stay in this community. Violation of this is grounds for immediate termination.

  • I understand that although this academy is about dating and elevating, meme's and quote posts are limited. This allows us to keep the group focused, clean and uncluttered.


  • Do not post the work of other dating, relationship experts, or coaches in this group. This community was created to share the teachings and strategies of April Mason. Doing this will get you removed.

  • I understand that the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy is access only. Video content may not be downloaded; however, all PDF content is downloadable and allowed.  

  • Any form of promotions and recruiting are forbidden: businesses, websites, coaching, services, networks, products, Instagram, Youtube, blogs, podcast, network marketing recruiting, business opportunities etc...

  • We don't discuss sensitive topics that can easily offend, such as politics, race, animal rights/fur, obesity, sexual orientation.

  • We have zero-tolerance for negativity! We don't support heated discussions. You have the freedom to disagree & express yourself only in a calm, constructive & classy way. Any form of aggression or negative attitude will result in removal from the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy.

  • Only give a person feedback or advice if asked for it. Criticism, passive-aggressive tone, or "mild insults" counts as negativity that will get you removed from the app.


  • Help us keep this community clean by reporting any comments that are breaking these rules.

  • Due to the nature of digital content, refunds are not offered.


I understand that I will get the results I desire by continuing to show up, make an effort, apply the information, and make this journey a priority. I understand that although this is an academy for like-minded people led by April Mason and our moderators, I will hold myself accountable and put in effort in completing any activities, courses, or exercises presented in this platform to help me grow and obtain results.

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