I teach successful, high-achieving, driven women how to make transformational mindset shifts that will result in not only becoming the best version of themselves but also attract high-quality men.

Hello, I'm April Mason, a master in teaching successful, high achieving, driven women how to tap into their femininity, make critical mindset shifts and become what I call an 'Asset Women'. By doing this, women can manifest the life deserve and become the Feminine CEO's of their love and business life. 


You may have seen me on TV, social media, heard me on the radio, speaking at an event, or one of your good girlfriends said: "girl, you must check out Ms. April Mason!" (wink). However you got here, I am happy that you're here. It says that you're ready to manifest your dream life. 


Who says you can't have it all and all at one time? My philosophy is that you can be a successful business/career woman and have a blissful relationship. However, the key is understanding that you are the chooser, you don't have to neglect your dating life because of your ambitions, but you can not go after love in the same manner you've pursued success in your career/business. To understand this, a mindset shift is required.


I have helped thousands of women transform their lives by shifting into the divine feminine energy and tapping into their ability to manifest. Be sure to download your free gift below, and let's take this journey together.