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In our society, we may see how other forms of legacy are passed down from generation to generation. From real estate, to stocks, businesses, assets and so much more. What we don’t always get to see is what a “Love Legacy” looks like. A Love Legacy being a healthy example of love, companionship and partnership.


A Love Legacy is essential for our lives, prosperity, physical, emotional & mental wellbeing, and our loved ones to experience. The relationships cultivated as we build our Love Legacy permeate various areas in our lives; areas that affect how we build wealth, healthy habits, productive ethics, positive perspectives, long-lasting connections, and so much more.

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Without a proper example of what love should look like, we are more likely to continue making poor decisions in love - decisions that could keep our families in dysfunction, lead to divorce, childhood trauma, detachment, single parenthood, depression, psychological issues, financial instability, and in some cases, bodily injury and much worse. It is well understood that one can never build a happy & propesrous life on an unstable foundation.


The Legacy Hearts Archetype Quiz is a preliminary tool that can help you understand how you love and in return, how you may need to be loved. With this insight, you can become aware of your core needs, provide an avenue to reflect on what you desire from a productive relationship, and define a baseline to properly assess a prospective partner and compatible relationship counterpart. In order to leave a Love Legacy, you must have an understanding of yourself first! This quiz will start you on the right track to self-discovery and evaluation.

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Do you truly know what your heart desires? It is very easy to confuse our wants with our needs, which is why the Legacy Hearts Archetype Quiz was created. Go deeper in learning what pulls at your heartstrings, so that you can understand who you are and how you need to be loved to leave a successful Love Legacy.

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